emr pressure

PVT Analysis


Equation of State Modelling (EOS)

Our team of experts use standard industry software to perform detailed EOS modelling of the reservoir fluid. Equation of state modelling is important as it models fluid composition of the reservoir.

Phase envelope for equation of state modelling (EOS)

Dynamic Reservoir Simulation

3D dynamic reservoir simulation has become an industry standard practice for forecasting production at well and field level. Reservoir simulation models are widely employed for development of oil and gas fields as it is helpful in:

  • Well Planning
  • Optimal completion of wells
  • Predicting present and future hydrocarbon recovery methods
  • Sensitivities on different development/production scenarios
  • Making economic decisions

Our in-house subsurface team work alongside the client to deliver a dynamic simulation model with several sensitivity results which provide a platform for informed decision making.

3D dynamic reservoir simulation model.

Field Development Planning (FDP)

Our integrated team of geologists, geophysicists and engineers provide the necessary support required to create an optimized field development plan. In designing the FDP, detailed economic planning and feasibility studies are carried out to ensure optimal utilization of resources in line with budgetary constraints.

Pictorial view of a developed offshore oil field