Manpower Services

In EMR, we provide manpower services in key areas of the oil and gas exploration and production value chain. Our staff have been efficiently trained to handle geoscience and engineering projects across the oil and gas industry while upholding your company’s work ethics and values. Let us take care of the technical bits while your staff can focus on more strategic efforts to oversee the company’s growth.


Our geoscience Team has been trained to handle projects ranging from exploration to development phase.

  • Spectral Decomposition.
  • Seismic Interpretation.
  • Static Modelling


Our petrophysics team have been trained to carry out advance petrophysical studies such as

  • Thin bed analysis
  • Log reconstruction using artificial neural network
  • Electro-facie identification using self organizing maps (SOM)

Reservoir Engineering

We apply mathematics, physics, engineering and computer programming in order to carry out detailed engineering studies such as

  • Reservoir fluid characterization and PVT modelling.
  • 3D Dynamic modelling and development strategy.
  • Economic Analysis.