Geology & Geophysics


EMR provides shore-based and wellsite-based services. The shore-based service includes Palynology and analysis of Calcareous Nannofossils/Foraminifera. Wellsite Bio-stratigraphic analysis provide high resolution biostratigraphy at offshore drilling locations. This helps in making important operational decisions while drilling. The integration of all data with geological and geophysical information provides calibration for ensuring age accuracy. It also allows for depositional environment determination and characterization. Our broad experience in both frontier and mature basins helps our clients achieve quality results in good time.

Fossil outline preservation within rocks Source: Learning Geology

Sequence stratigraphy

EMR aims to maximize geologic and stratigraphic insights using available wells, biostratigraphic information and seismic data. We identify meaningful reflection patterns and integrate expert geologic knowledge to interpret depositional environments. The result assists in reducing exploration and production risk.

Seismic Stratigraphy Source: Neal and Abreu, 2009

Reservoir/Static Modeling

We develop static models which enable clients optimize oil and gas projects and maximize recovery. Whether your project is at Exploration, Development or Production stages, we have the expertise to ensure you make the best business decisions using data driven models. Well data, seismic data, outcrop information, core analysis and present day analogues are integrated to develop fit for purpose subsurface models that are representative of the underlying geology. From complex toe-thrust to simple layer cake geology, continental alluvial deposits to deep water basin floor fans, our team has honed their skills with different projects around the world and are prepared to provide you with quality solutions that address your project needs.

Geological Well Correlation for Zonation

Univariate data analysis Source: Blueback Investigator

Vertical Proportion curve for facie analysis Source: ireservoir

Braided Channel Analogue for facies model

Facies model following data integration

Petroleum System Analysis and Basin modeling

We perform specialist petroleum systems analysis and basin modeling. This includes; understanding heat flow controls and processes through time, assessment of source rock distribution, quantity and quality of source hydrocarbon, kerogen type variability and its control on petroleum generation. Analysis also include fluid composition determination, migration and entrapment of petroleum in the subsurface, pore pressure prediction and ‘Golden Zone’ studies at both prospect and regional scale.

Petroleum systems model highlighting accumulations and migration pathways Source: MIGRIS

Spectral Decomposition

We provide a range of services in the area of Spectral Decomposition. This starts by Interpreting the top and base horizons, then creating a cropped seismic window around the area of interest and flattening the seismic on the basement reflector in order to generate an RGB blended volume. EMR also conducts interactive, multi-well petrophysical field reviews to support development planning and production management.