EMR Mining operates Quarry License 29308 QL (F Tyne Resources Ltd as one of its assets EMR Mining is an affiliate of EMR, the current holder of the P w C awards for the best service provider in the extractive industry This is a testament to the management proficiency that the parent company strives to maintain in all its subsidiaries

EMR Mining is focused on providing our clients with top-of-the-range aggregates, granites of different grades, and high-quality minerals to meet various purposes Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an impeccable team of industry experts, we provide high-quality products and services while we maintain the highest safety standards in our operations


To provide clients with cost-effective mining solutions and supply of high grade minerals and aggregates in a timely and safe manner.

Safety Policy

Safety to us is a priority and a culture at EMR mining We ensure adherence to all safety regulations and protocols that relate to our operations and staff working hours We maintain our equipment in pristine conditions to avoid accidents, incidents, or breakdown

Our Mode of Operation

We carry out our operations by integrating various disciplines on-site and offsite, to ensure safe and timely performance and in line with international best practice

Drilling & Blasting are done in regulation with the federal government of Nigeria and in consideration of the environment


Crushing We maximize efficiency with the use of our crusher which keeps us ahead of the demand curve


Crushing We can supply various size ranges of aggregates from 0-32 mm Our stockpile has an endurance of over two weeks to meet the ever-growing demand of our clients


Crushing With an unbeatable error margin and a super-sensitive weighbridge, you can be assured of getting the exact amount of products ordered