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Production Engineering/Technology


Well Production Performance Analysis

Our team of Engineers have broad experience in analyzing well performance data. This is achieved by deploying various diagnostic plots to understand unique production patterns. Understanding reservoir and well production behaviors help our engineers proffer solutions for improving well performance.

Well production performance plot showing the variation in oil, water and gas rate.

Well Modelling (Nodal analysis)

We perform nodal analysis to model the flow behavior of reservoir fluids as they move from the reservoir, through the well to the surface. We generate Inflow Performance and Vertical Lift Performance Curves (IPR and VLP) that are used in modelling the dynamic flow behavior of produced fluids. We perform our analysis and well modelling using standard industry software such as PROSPER and GAP.

Vertical lift performance curve sensitized with three variables.

Well Design and Optimization

At EMR, we are competent at designing new wells and optimizing the performance of existing oil and gas wells. We have carried out a series of well design projects for clients and have also recommended artificial lift methods needed to optimize the performance of existing wells. We utilize standard industry software some of which include; PROSPER, PIPESIM and GAP.

Gas lift design for continuous gas injection.

Technical Due Diligence and Asset Evaluation

EMR provides technical and economic due diligence. This includes independent evaluation of assets including the review of reservoir models, production data and development scenarios to validate client’s existing evaluations and development concepts. Following an independent technical assessment is an economic valuation to determine the commercial viability of the asset.

Cashflow curve showing the effect of revenues and costs.